Slow down and feel the world

It’s a paradox of our lives that while technology is constantly invented that saves us time, we use that time to do more and more things, and so our lives are more fast and furious  than ever…

However, it doesn’t have to be this way…

‘It’s only when you stop moving that you can see what really moved you.’

Yes, movement is important to acquire experience, you need it when you want to really ‘feel the world’. But what is even more important – is  just simply stillness.

Only in stillness you can deepen the experience of life, to replay it and try to make sense of it.

For an energetic person like me, perhaps the most ironic lesson  has been around the need to slow down to move forward.

All of us, in short, are getting dizzy from movement, and find that our biggest luxury comes when we’re sitting still. Slowing down is  a conscious choice and doesn’t means laziness. It means rather appreciating life & living now and here.  Sounds easy but it’s not always easy.

  • Start with enjoying your mornings, instead of rushing off to work in a frenzy. Drink your tea or cofee slowly and lovingly.
  • Take time to enjoy whatever you’re doing.
  • Appreciate the nature, open air activities.
  • Focus on whoever you’re talking to or spending time with — instead of always being connected to an Internet or thinking about work.
  • Learn single-tasking rather than switching between a multitude of tasks and focusing on none of them.
  • Sometimes do nothing at all… there is nothing better than just lying in bed listening to music with your loved one…

They’re a simple principles, but easy to forget. So much of our life takes place inside our heads — in memory or imagination or expectation or just illusion — that if we want to change our lives, we might best start by changing our minds.collage



51 thoughts on “Slow down and feel the world

  1. Most of us are forced to live at the pace our society or environment sets… you end up spending so much time running the rat race society demands of you ‎that you forget to stop and smell the roses, metaphorically speaking. This is one of the greatest tragedies of mordern society Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. From: m i l k t h e r a p ySent: Tuesday, 14 April 2015 10:02To: ejirogolah@gmail.comReply To: m i l k t h e r a p ySubject: [New post] Slow down and feel the world

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    milktherapy posted: “It’s a paradox of our lives that while technology is constantly invented that saves us time, we use that time to do more and more things, and so our lives are more fast and furious  than ever…

    However, it doesn’t have to be this way…

    ‘It’s o”


    1. Nice but at the same time very sad metaphor – we forget to stop and smell tge roses. Yes you are so right, that’s what I wanted to say that we need to do us favour and slow down! Thanks for stopping hier on my milktherapy :) wish u a great day!

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      1. I think both of those assessments would be accurate. I think fear being such a big motivator (sadly) it may be the prime factor.

        I think we fear being left behind or forgotten, so we scurry to keep up, but everyone is scurrying to keep up with an imaginary standard. I wish we would all just stop one day and take a breath and move slower yet more deliberately toward our goals wishes dreams and wants.

        thanks for the thought provoking post!

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  2. Great article :) It looks very simple but it’s hard to do… thanks for reminding. Now I can start in a relaxed day. So, I’m relaxed and ready for my exam.

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  3. This is nice to read. I’m often feeling apologetic for being such a “mono-tasker.” I like focusing on one thing at a time, taking a few moments of quiet and calm throughout the day, and trying to stay mindful or “in the moment.” It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this effort of calm!

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    1. No you are definitely not alone! And I think it’s great that you can do this so naturally easy, u shouldn’t feel apologetic for that :) wish u a great day!


  4. Spot on! Society has fed us consumer products that I’m not going to lie are quite nice. IPhones and Social Media are a consumption of most peoples lives and I try very hard to catch myself when I sink into the depths of my Facebook timeline. I will never forget something my best friend told me. It was two years ago and we were in a jacuzzi in Florida sipping on a few beers, when we saw a huge, orange, fiery ball streak across the sky for about 20 seconds. I still to this day don’t know if it was a comet, or a meteorite entering our atmosphere, or even an old satellite getting pulled back to earth by the gravity. But, sadly, the first thing I did was reach for my phone on the chair and try to take a video. My buddy scolded me and said,” Bro! Live in the moment! This is once in a lifetime!” Those words have stuck with me to this day. I am always reminded of what I’ll be missing if I try to keep up with societal standards of life documentation. That was one of the first moments I have kept for myself since before the smart phone era. I felt like a kid again. Experiencing the unknown and trying to explain what I saw to people looking at me like I was crazy. No video. No picture. No status. Just a memory. The way it should be!

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  5. So true!! Reading your article makes me realise we are all really similar. I also need to slow down, I operate at a crazy fast pace, and often wear myself out! Thanks for the reminders to enjoy the simple things in life. Enjoy your day x


  6. This is a very thoughtful and wise post. I’m glad I am not of the generation that feels the pressure to be constantly connected to anyone and everyone. Focus on the person and activity at hand is what’s important. I was happy to hear that my daughter (age 31) told her boyfriend no more texting – if there’s something to say, call. And they also leave their cell phones in the car.

    Thanks for liking my Which Way post.

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    1. Your daughter is doing it great, its not so often that young people are able to leave their phones and focus 100% on their love one.. Thanks for stopping by and take time to leave your comment! Very much appreciated :)


  7. This is interesting because I use to be so involved with my devices. Now I work to put my devices on hold. This creates one big problem for me. I sometimes need my devices to communicate constantly with family that live in various locations. But I completly agree that we are all dizzy. It’s time to change.

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  8. I wrote some lessons of life too infered from movies …

    These are stuff or simple philosophies, I have heard from my favorite movies, or movies I can still watch again and never get bored of it.

    One of the coolest films to watch are stuff on Martial arts – in that Karate Kid is a different sort. People want to be strong, and work on their physical strength without conditioning of the mind that governs our emotions. Many a times, we are trapped feeling we have no control over what is happening with us, things seem to get worst, almost like we are victims of life for some reason or other. Something similar happens to this 12 year old in Karate Kid, his life gets miserable because of some bullies and he has no solution to get rid of the problem but he learns to deal with it and free himself out of this situation not by facing the bullies with physical strength but reforming his approach to how he will fight the bullies with renewed strength, trusting his strength and enhancing it though mind power and will.

    These things are some nice themes from the movie -:
    1) Brute strength is not about instilling harm and causing injury to others. Real strength comes from being courteous to others and dealing with things having patience, respect, tolerance and keeping top priority on harmony.

    2) Being alert, aware improves responses and reflexes, so they will be quick and powerful

    3) Be firm in mind first to be strong body and soul

    4) Don’t believe what you just see, as things may not be as they appear to be and you may be fooled

    5) To get rid of fear, sometimes you got to face the situation and win, you may lose the battle but you win over fear and gain respect for yourself

    6) In life you fall and fail, but you can choose to get up and go on or be toned and shattered

    7) Focus is of prime importance, you lose focus then your attempt in doing something with 100 percent strength is ruined

    8) When your mind is empty it becomes like a mirror to control others mind, they will follow you like the shake which danced and imitated the karate women in the movie

    Respect binds souls that’s the biggest connection and bond among humanity

    From Kung Fu Panda this is what I remember –

    There is no secret ingredient, so the key to victory is you and in you… don’t believe it? then have a look at your reflection on the mirror assuming it as a dragon scroll, or see your reflection on water and think about it

    There was something said which goes like – past is history, future is mystery and present is a present to live

    Trust and Believe, when you do that you open up the mind to see the potential in another person who maybe in self doubt

    There are no accidents, everything happens for a reason, so if there is an huge opportunity beyond what you think your capabilities are, embrace it, don’t shun from it, if you take the plunge there is a excellent possibility that you will emerge with success

    And lastly karate- Arrogance, and revenge and greed as can be expected are not strength. Karate, is connecting with nature and yourself and bringing out that power out of you.

    In Karate Kid 2 some more nice things heard -:
    Action with Knowledge is like sailing in dry land… so act after some planning and preparation, never react plainly since it probably would not be a wise or clever behavior if it’s a mere reaction

    Ask the right questions to get the right answers… when there is very less time, search the area and seek important questions that give you the best answers

    It is not cool to fight even if you win because someone always gets hurt but of course sometimes there is no other choice

    Respect yourself – If anything makes you lose respect for yourself, leaving you in self-doubt, fear or inferiority complex: challenge it and prove it is wrong, it’s worth it!!

    It happens that being too long at home or cage and in mere comfort would make you feel scared and feel incapable of facing the outside world, so don’t get bound, let the bird fly away
    Encourage others and make them feel strong, so they get the spirit to fly out like the eagle, trust them, it is a way to heal them and strengthen them.

    It’s not cool to win unfairly, if that’s done you lose your honor and credibility
    These are something’s I can remember and can infer from these movies right now… nice movies, very inspiring.


  9. Well… I think we all live a mechanic life and we forget how it is to enjoy and feel(:…these tips are what I need, I actually know them but never follow them… point is doing one thing at a time well is more enriching than trying to do all and getting into a mess… this is self management… letting things digest in rather than a indigestion… well… anyway nice and short to read. One thing to do everyday is get up early and relax which I don’t do these days… meditate or get lost in the early morning listening to some suitable music or a positive saying… don’t start your day taking in bad news do that after gearing yourself up(:…anyway nice

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  10. Very nice. I too believe in spending time each day with oneself. I usually do so in the mornings because that seems to be the time when my mind is clear and receptive.

    thank you,


  11. Yeah. Definately. Sometimes I stop down town, close my eyes and just breath, then walk as slowly as I can and become extra aware in my senses, like waking up our inner animal. It’s as if you can connect better that way. More Wi-Fi for the soul.

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