Hey Mr. Serious, turn that frown upside down!



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We are  often too serious about us and our life that we can’t relax. Our days are overwhelming, sometimes you want to scream! Life is so chaotic and ironic…. and loud, that might be a struggle to take a moment to relax and clear your mind.

We have  little time for relaxation and self-reflection. But we need it! to feel better and to be more productive. Luckily, there are several ways you can try to help you release any stress or tension in your daily life and chill out.

Rememeber life is ridiculous, so ridiculous that make me smile :)

Think about the funny fact that it is customary for businessmen to tie a piece of cloth around their necks every day for no apparent reason, or that every suit they wear has a row of pointless buttons on the cuff. Isn’t it funny? Sometimes we should stop and laugh at every day absurdities, to just feel better about ourselfs. Or think about this story:

“My grandfather always said, ‘Don’t watch your money; watch your health.’ So one day while I was watching my health, someone stole my money. It was my grandfather.” I love this.. and irony of life ;)

You think if you are rich you would be happier?

Nothing more wrong. Studies show that lottery winners, heiresses, and the 100 richest people are only slightly more satisfied than the average  guy working in a office. Still, more money won’t put a permanent smile on our faces. There are more important things for you to be happy, like for example relationships.

Relationships are all that matter

If we valued our happiness over money we would do everything we could to spend time with friends and family and not worry so much about putting in extra time at work. When you look back on your life, you won’t reflect on the time you spent at work; you will remember family dinners, amazing hoidays, romantic time, funny adventures and maybe your wedding or your kidds. First family and friends, then your career.

Worry less

Some of us even end up stressed out in situations where it is completely inappropriate. For example, you might find yourself visiting a new city like New York or Rome and end up  confused by the public transport. You can’t find out how to get where you want to go and it makes you angry. But what are you accomplishing by stressing yourself out? Nothing. Take a step back and laugh at yourself.

Go with the flow and end up where you end up.

Sometimes getting lost in a city will lead to a way better adventure than going to some stuffy museum anyway.

Rememebr – Your time is limited

If worrying is unproductive and money doesn’t make us happy, why do we waste so much time on those things? You only get to live one life. One third of our time you won’t even be awake for, so you better do your best to make so many as possible precious and reminding moments that matter. Do what you need to do to live a happy and fulfilled life, and forget what anyone else tells you.

Life is just a bowl of cherries! Keep going.

Your problems are not so big as you think 

The universe is larger than you can imagine. It is filled with burning balls of gas, galaxies and solar systems beyond counting, and thousands of other civilizations fighting their own wars and facing their own challenges. In a very real sense, you are insignificant. What better reason could there be not to take your life to seriously?

The only thing that really matters is enjoying your life as much as you can and helping other people do the same. Try it upside down.

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PS. I like your comments! :)

29 thoughts on “Hey Mr. Serious, turn that frown upside down!

  1. Great post. I hope you don’t mind, I have taken an extract from your post and put it on my personal FB page referenced and credited to you with a link back to this post. Someone I love dearly, might find inspiration that is needed at the moment.

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    1. You know what? Me too but not forever ;) what if you have money but can’t find a love or true friebdship? Or you wouldn’t be healthy? And we crave always what we don’t have in the moment… what do you think?:)


  2. hmm… unfortunately money is important too(: … For ex, if you want to enjoy a change and you want to travel, you need money even though your travel experience is timeless… You know why we worry because we are insecure… if I don’t finish my work today, then how will I earn money and keep my family comfortable…and we make compromises in a way we do things we don’t like… but no one can help you, you got to help yourself and believe you will earn that money, or get that job and not think too much… I have written some inpirational stuff as well(: … maybe I can paste my wise musings… but it is easy said than done… only thing to know is never stop or halt for long in life, do something new and fun every now and then. Also let’s make it a point to alot our free times to family and friends whatever less we have and be generous at heart

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    1. I would be happy to read some of your inspirational stuff :) well u r completely right – money are important, but on the other side when u r rich u could be so sad as a poor man… diffrent people, diffrend needs… if you are minimalist, you dont need much to be happy, but if you crave all expensive stuffs then maybe you have a problem. But I understand what you mean. If you cant buy a food or pay your bills, u cant be happy – its overwhelming. Thats why I think contemplation time with or without sunset is important, there are always another door to open. Thank you for your comments I really enjoyed them :) wish u beautiful saturday evening :)


  3. hmmm… well I saw Pursuit of Happiness fathers Day and there hapiness… even you work hard all day and do nothing else, you live that challenge… and if you win it, it is happiness(:…that is why one must do something to make you feel nice about yourself other than work…maybe make somebody smile giving a nice comment or help someone or go on a adventure… ultimately you should feel meaningful and content…life is not having readymade answers, it is always a question mark, but you deal with it… problem is we take stress, so caml time is important surely… a walk, a nice movie, good sleep, spending time with loved ones…nothing fancy but must see we are happy…once we fail, everything goes negative, if things are going wrong, one must know it and put a stop to it before one loses oneself, ones charm etc…yup I will paste something I wrote I am sure you would love it!!!.. things can be made simple…do a thing right in your life then success will follow and that won’t be difficult, it should be achievable. Money yes we need it…but it would come if we do things right…take time out and do it jestfully everything is worth it.

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