Weird food combination / Potato Brownies – Yes!!!

It shouldn’t work, but it does – weird food combinations – Part 1 Think you’ve tried it all? Think again! These weird and usual food combinations will surprise you! Beetroot and chocolate, strawberries and cheese… these food combinations really shouldn’t work but they really do! So take the risk and start pairing some of these … More Weird food combination / Potato Brownies – Yes!!!

Chocolate Mousse No-Bake Pie

Originally posted on vivalavegetarian:
I stumbled across this cool “healthy dessert” blog (sounds like a paradox, no?) that had a recipe for chocolate mousse pie. But it has a secret ingredient that dumbfounded me, and to be honest, I almost barfed then and there. Just kidding. I was actually kinda curious so I went to the store and bought…