cropped-new.pngI’m a girl from Poland but, in the last few years I have been living in Germany. I always have a bucket load of ideas, passion, drive and purpose. I love cooking and infecting people with good energy. My best ideas come late at night on the kitchen table. And so I came up with my Playcooks idea.

Playcooks is all about the art of cooking with aphrodisiacs.

I want to invite you to play, be sexy, enjoy your love life and give you a little bit more spice. I want to show you the benefits of healthy aphrodisiacs from your grocery shop.

Playcooks is a platform for the modern food enthusiast to learn more about cooking, expressing yourself, showing you some sensual foods and interacting with a like-minded community.
In everything I do, I believe in the healing qualities of food. My goal is to help people improve their love life and at the same time their health.
I believe:

  • Some foods work like medicine
  • Cooking for your date is great foreplay
  • Good meals and love have the power to positively change lives
  • Erotic Art photography soothes your senses

Aphrodisiacs have brought relief and happiness to millions. Their best days aren’t behind us — they’re ahead of us. Playcooks represents a return to what dining has always been: something to celebrate. Sex, art and dining – three important things worth celebrating!
Playcook is also a collection of sensual cookbooks. And the first book is already available on Amazon. I want to put my ideas in your hands. (Literally!)
I look forward to shipping my beautiful product to you and all others that love great food! I swear this is probably the best aphrodisiac cookbook ever! You need it in your kitchen and in your bedroom…

Thank you for your support,
Best to you

Magdalena H.

Get also to know also my photographer, whose sometimes works with me – Philipp Grüner