We are playful cooks, excited to announce Playcook, from Magdalena Hyla & her Team – The art of cooking with aphrodisiacs.

Food, erotica and art come together to stimulate readers with the ultimate secrets of easy and delicious dishes that put you in a sensual mood. These delicious dishes, paired with the pleasure of good company, might open a new dimension in dating your partner.

Playcook is a hardcover, 50+ page art- cookbook – album which includes:

• The best of our favourite, mouth-watering recipes

• Beautiful, erotic photography

• Detailed and playful extraction methods

• Elegant, rich layout

We’re bringing aphrodisiacs to your kitchen table. We’re improving your love life through this book….

There is so much delicious food! So little time! We’ve just selected some of the best recipes that will stimulate your senses and make your heart beat faster…Forget love poems or romantic movies. We all know the real turn-on is food!

Order, probably the best aphrodisiac cookbook now!


download           download (2)

Together we can change the world. For every book you buy, you support children in need.

We want to give them warm meals. More about our project very soon!!

Kisses, Magdalena & Team

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