Weird food combination / Potato Brownies – Yes!!!

It shouldn’t work, but it does – weird food combinations – Part 1 Think you’ve tried it all? Think again! These weird and usual food combinations will surprise you! Beetroot and chocolate, strawberries and cheese… these food combinations really shouldn’t work but they really do! So take the risk and start pairing some of these … More Weird food combination / Potato Brownies – Yes!!!

Living a lie

‘Is this the way it’s really going down? Is this how we say goodbye? Should’ve known better when you came around. That you were gonna make me cry. It’s breaking my heart to watch you run around’ Cause I know that you’re living a lie. ‘  

Krokiety – Crepe rolls with meat- recipe

Who doesn’t like polish  food? I know nobody ;) Here, one of my favourite polish recipe in healthier version: Krokiety – perfect meal for the cheat day ;) Jeśli zjadłbyś konia z kopytami to te krokiety to jest to czego potrzebujesz. Tutaj wersja trochę zmieniona, mianowicie zamiast białej mąki jest pełnoziarnista, bo mówią że zdrowsza … More Krokiety – Crepe rolls with meat- recipe

Confidence is the key

Healthy lifestyle – it’s not only psyhical health but as well mental. While it is obvious enough, that you need a good balanced diet and sport to stay healthy, it’s less obvious that you need your happiness too. In an era of media, stress and  busy life we feel often overwhelmed and less confident. It’s time to … More Confidence is the key

Dancing as exercise

If you feel sad – dance :) Just move your feet and arms, add some hip action and you are going to feel much better, not to mention how many calories you will burn and how much better, less stressed you are going to feel! Dance challenge your mind as well as your muscles. Just … More Dancing as exercise